Run, resolve and conclude incidents and support tickets from Slack

Use smart workflows with AI integrations to automate issues, incident management, and support tickets in one place

Use smart workflows with AI integrations to automate issues, incident management, and support tickets in one place

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AI-driven Email Translation and Summarization

Reduce context switching and speed up resolution times by using OpenAI Email Summarization to summarize incoming emails and generate a Description. Assign tickets and triage incidents faster. Use AI-driven Email Translation to respond to incoming and outgoing emails with direct translation inside Slack.

For Incident Management and Support

Run incidents and manage issues or support tickets directly from Slack. Boost engagement and provide visibility to stakeholders from a dedicated activity channel. Set the severity level and assign a lead, or assign tickets to support agents and team members.

Respond. Resolve.

Reduce complexity and improve incident response and support ticket resolution times by installing no-code workflow apps from Slack or the Dashboard. Capture relevant data and engage the right people to respond, resolve and conclude faster.

Conclude for all teams

Conclude is not just for DevOps, SREs, IT Managers and Help Desk teams dealing with internal or customer-facing incidents, it’s also used by product, operations, comms, and customer success teams too.

If you’re a CTO or CIO tasked with digital transformation or change management, Conclude could be the tool you’re looking for.

Automate incidents and issues with smart workflows

Use smart workflows to manage different incidents, issues, bugs and support tickets. Integrate with Jira and run workflows to trigger email notifications for critical incidents.

Incident Management

Run, resolve and conclude all types of incidents directly from Slack.

Bug Tracking

Connect your project to Jira for better bug tracking and reporting capabilities.

Support Tickets

Bring customer support into Slack. Manage issues and reach conclusions faster.

Customizable Templates

Build and customize your own smart workflows. No coding experience required.

Never lose track of important information

Once activities are concluded, the channel is archived but all information is stored and accessible from the Conclude Dashboard (our web-based UI). See changelogs and get a clear overview of all your tickets and activities without searching through thousands of messages.

Get important insights at a glance

The Conclude Dashboard provides you with useful insights and key MTTx metrics at a glance. Filter by time periods and select different visualization types including number of incidents, severity levels, response, and resolution times.

Bridge the collaboration gap

Say goodbye to information silos and align people in one place. Use Conclude to boost engagement,
provide visibility, and foster collaboration inside your company.

Conclude conversations faster

Raise Visibility

Smart workflows provide structure and a better overview, so information doesn’t get lost

Increase Engagement

Conclude makes it easier for you to collaborate, get feedback and resolve incidents faster

Conclude Faster

Greater visibility and better engagement make your company more agile and efficient

What our customers say

“Conclude has dramatically changed how we respond to and track customer-facing outages and other incidents. Now we can instantly create focused, cross-team channels for each incident, which are branched off our main incident channel.

This branching allows the 330+ people on our main channel to easily see if an incident is being worked on and where to get more details. Dedicated incident channels also allow us to keep the main channel conversation clear and focused on new alert while helping with incident tracking, root cause analysis, and documentation.

As well as speeding up our response time, each channel captures an incident’s discussion and any relevant files in one location, making it even easier to reference them in Jira tickets and wiki pages.”

Patsy Ames
Technology Service Manager, Cengage

Respond. Resolve. Conclude

Manage incidents, issues and support tickets directly from Slack