Taking collaboration to a higher level

Conclude is a Norwegian company building on more than 25 years of experience creating frameworks and app platforms. Its founder and CEO, Haavard Nord, was the original inventor of the popular development framework Qt.

We are on a mission to make teams more agile and responsive by providing a new way to collaborate through apps and messaging. Our goal is to take collaboration to a higher level.

Conclude brings no-code apps into Slack messaging to combine structure and oversight with high productivity and engagement.

Anyone can create an app with Conclude and deploy it to the team within minutes. This is fundamentally different from creating traditional Slack apps, which can take weeks or months.

Conclude comes with blueprints for various types of apps: incident management, bug tracking, approvals, decision-making, and much more. These apps bring workflows into Slack conversations in an engaging and straightforward way.

Conclude increases productivity and engagement by simplifying the way we work together, making teams more agile and responsive.

Supercharge your team!

Bridge the collaboration gap with Conclude apps.