All Conclude commands start with /c and can be used from most channels in Slack.

Some commands are meant to be used inside Conclude activities (channels typically starting with an underscore, such as _incident-153) that have been created by Conclude apps. See activity commands for more information.

Commonly used commands

  • /c + Enter shows which apps are installed in the workspace (/c is also the start for all commands).

  • /c name-of-app starts an app, for example, /c incident to start the incident app.

  • /c app install lets you install any of our smart workflow app templates.

  • /c rename _name-of-channel lets you rename the channel. Use the underscore to show the activity channels at the top of the channel list in the Slack sidebar.

Getting help

  • /c help displays a help text in Slack.
  • /c help <command> displays the help text for a command.

Send us a support request

  • /c support creates a new Conclude support request directly from Slack.

Support is available only for teams on the Conclude Business Plan.

Send us feedback

  • /c feedback opens a form where you can send feedback to the Conclude team.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Show installed apps

This is a useful command to find out which apps are available.

  • /c shows a list of installed apps, with launch buttons for each app.

Launch an app

  • /c <app> launches an app. For example /c incident starts the incident app.

Go to Conclude Home

Conclude Home is your command center where you can view the most recent activities, launch Conclude apps and create new apps. You can find it under Apps in the Slack sidebar, or by using this command:

  • /c home displays a link you can click to open Conclude Home.

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