Creating Conclude apps is different from traditional software development.

Hello, No-Code

Let’s open up the hood and see what a simple app looks like.

Develop and Deploy Apps

Get a deeper understanding of how to develop and deploy Conclude apps.


The configuration settings is the place where you define the behavior of the app.

User Roles

Who owns an activity and who should be invited to participate?


Attributes define data fields for apps.

Presentation Settings

This is the place where you can create custom texts and messages for your app.

Macro Substitution

Variable substitution with Conclude.

Review Process

Review incoming request before creating an activity.


Triggers let you implement actions in your app.

Send Slack messages with a trigger

Send messages to anyone in your Slack workspace.

Send email with a trigger

Send email directly from your app.

Send SMS with a trigger

Send SMS (mobile text) messages to anyone with a mobile phone.


Connectors let you connect external data sources to Slack and Conclude.

Web Connector

The web connector lets external users connect to your app through a webform.

Email Connector

The email connector let an app receive emails.

SMS Connector

The SMS connector let Conclude apps receive messages from mobile phones.

Jira Integration

The Jira integration connects Conclude with Jira.

Secrets and Private Keys

Register private API keys and more.

Supercharge your team!

Bridge the collaboration gap with Conclude apps.