Developing Conclude apps is different from developing apps with traditional programming languages like Javascript or Python.

Conclude is a no-code framework that allows non-technical people to create apps by using an interactive app builder, or by editing the source code. The code is written in a high-level language called YAML that does not require any previous coding experience. YAML does not contain traditional programming language features such as statements, expressions, conditions or loops.

Conclude is also a rapid development environment that comes with blueprints for typical workflows. You will be able to create and deploy your own workflow app in just minutes. This is in stark contrast to traditional development of Slack apps, which could take weeks (and require years of programming experience).

Our app blueprints are open source, and you may modify and redistribute them as you like. They are available on

Conclude takes a data-driven approach to programming, where the source code is a plain and simple YAML file. We have found that YAML is perfectly suited to model workflows with advanced business logic and governance. The next sections will teach you how this works in practice.

NOTE: Until September 2021, Conclude apps were built with JSON. We switched to YAML because this language is easier to understand, and produces smaller apps. Conclude will continue to support JSON for some time, but will be deprecated in the future.

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