Bringing apps into the team conversation

Conclude apps let you run workflows and processes directly in Slack, making collaboration more effective by adding structure, overview, and governance to messages.

To understand the rationale for moving apps into the conversation, let’s take a look at some challenges with traditional business apps.

Collaboration with business apps

Large companies use an average of 129 different apps, according to a study by Okta, Inc., and the number is growing. Companies rely on traditional business apps to streamline operations in every part of the organization. Business apps are great tools for departmental teams that need to solve complex problems in specific domains.

Business apps are independent and organize and store their own data. Many business apps support collaboration using chat-like features, and they all come with some kind of Slack integration.

Business apps are not ideal for collaboration across organizational units and fields of expertise:

  1. They come with their own data silos, making it inherently difficult to share data.
  2. They are knowledge-based and not conversation-based, even though a few of them have chat-like features.
  3. They often require domain expertise and have steep learning curves.

It really boils down to this: How many business apps can you use on a daily basis, and how can you share information across the organization?

The case for Conclude apps

The 129 apps mentioned above create data silos and walls that add friction to collaboration, and make it more difficult to reach across the organization to share information or get feedback.

What if you could bring incident management, bug tracking, and recruitment processes into team conversations?
What if the incident response or bug report is only a click away?
What if the messaging platform becomes the app platform, where messaging and apps merge and become indistinguishable?

Conclude apps address the shortcomings of business apps by bringing apps into the team conversation without standing in the way for teamwork.

What are Conclude apps?

A Conclude app is a collaboration app that automates and executes workflows in your Slack workspace. Conclude comes with a number of app blueprints for managing incidents, handle approvals, service desk ticketing and much more. You can use a blueprint out of the box, or customize it for your team.

Conclude is a no-code tool where you can build and modify apps interactively, or by editing the app source. The app source is written in the popular YAML format, and does not require any traditional programming. Anyone should be able to create and deploy Conclude apps in minutes.

How does it work?

Conclude apps typically follow this three-step process:


  1. An initiator submits an inquiry or request by using the app.

    • Inquiries can be submitted from within Slack, or via an external webform, email or SMS.
    • The app creates a new activity (incident, service ticket, etc.) with a dedicated Slack channel.
    • The app invites certain team members to join this new channel.
  2. The team processes the inquiry in the newly created activity channel.

    • The invited members discuss the matter in this single-purpose Slack channel.
    • The channel contains a live list of attributes with information about the activity.
  3. The team concludes the activity.

    • Upon closing and concluding the activity the Slack channel is archived.
    • Closed activities are available in the searchable Conclude Inbox, with a complete audit log of how the inquiry was handled.

The quickstart guide shows how to install and run Conclude apps. For a deeper discussion of the advanced features offered by Conclude, visit the developer’s guide.

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