Bridging the collaboration gap between conversation and apps

Messaging platforms are great tools for team collaboration and have many advantages over email. On the flip side, the unstructured nature and sheer volume of messages makes it difficult to stay on top of everything. After all, the human cortex is not adapted to tracking hundreds of parallel discussions in distributed teams.

Companies use business apps to ensure operational excellence. Business apps provide structure, oversight, and business logic. The problem with business apps is that they require some domain knowledge and take time to learn. They also create their own walled gardens, making it challenging to reach out across the organization to share information and get feedback.

What if you could combine the benefits of messaging with the structure of business apps?

This is exactly what Conclude does.

Conclude brings messaging and apps together

Conclude takes collaboration to a higher level by bringing apps into the team conversations. Conclude’s no-code apps combine structure and oversight with high productivity and engagement.

Messaging is closely tied to verbal communication, which is our natural way to engage people, share information, and get feedback.

Apps create structure, overview, and a full audit log.

Conclude combines the best of both worlds, by unifying messaging and business apps.

Turn conversations into conclusions with Conclude

Conclude lets you create and deploy apps for your Slack workspace. Creating a Conclude app is fundamentally different from developing a homegrown Slack app, which could take weeks or months.

Our goal is to let everyone (not just developers) deploy a custom Conclude app in a few minutes.

Sounds too good to be true? Try the quickstart and see for yourself.

Conclude comes with blueprints for common workflows, and interactive tools to build new apps in minutes.

Conclude apps are used in many areas:

  • Manage incidents
  • Handle approvals
  • Report and track bugs
  • Operate a service desk
  • Make team decisions
  • Custom workflows

Since Conclude is integrated with Slack, you can invite anyone on the team to Conclude apps. Information is only a click away. Conclude apps can be public and private, just like Slack channels.

Conclude has built-in dashboards and reporting features that show the status of current and historic data produced by the apps. This gives you a structured overview of your team’s activities, with a complete audit log of every activity.

Supercharge your team!

Bridge the collaboration gap with Conclude apps.